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Miloš Forman

This movie adaptation of the musical “Hair” focuses on the American 1960s counterculture movement. The story follows Claude, a Vietnam War draftee, and his encounters with a group of hippies. They introduce him to their lifestyle of drugs and peace rallies, but Claude struggles with his political views that don’t align with his new friends’.

As it is based on historical events, this musical is a wonderful introduction to certain aspects of American history, in this case the hippie counterculture movement of the 1960s. Therefore, “Hair” has potential for interdisciplinary teaching in the subjects of History and Music! Musicals can of course be watched in its entirety or, in case you’re running short on time, also viewed in excerpts. Individual songs can be analyzed or discussed afterwards with the help of lyrics.

/ · · 1979

Critical edition

Hair. Directed by Miloš Forman, United Artists Pictures, 1979. 119 min., FSK 6

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  • Award-winning
  • Democratic and political education
  • Explores historical contexts
  • Interdisciplinary or cross-curricular teaching