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Ghost Bird
Lisa Fuller

Stacey and Laney are twins, but couldn’t be any more different. While Stacey hates breaking rules, Laney regularly skips schools to hang out with her boyfriend. So noone is immediately concerned when Laney goes missing,except for her twin. Stacey is convinced something is seriously wrong and is plagued by terrifying dreams of Laney. Can she find her before it’s too late?

This teen novel offers unique cultural insight combined with a gripping mystery storyline. Written by a First Nations Australian author, the story incorporates the concept of othering and describes cultural differences.

· · 2019

Critical edition

Fuller, Lisa. Ghost Bird. Old Barn Books Ltd, 2021. 280 pp., ISBN 9781910646809

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  • Award-winning
  • Beyond the US and the UK
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Silenced voices

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  • Audiobook