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Andrew Niccol

This film is a classic in the dystopian science fiction genre. Gattaca presents a world driven by eugenics, in which children are genetically selected and modified during pregnancy. This leads to a society full of genetic discrimination where individuals are hired or disqualified for certain jobs solely due to their genetic makeup. The main character Vincent desperately wants to become an astronaut, but his body automatically makes that dream an impossibility. He develops a scheme to realize his dream, essentially swapping identities with Jerome, a former Olympic athlete in need of money.

The film would be suited for an interdisciplinary teaching project in subjects such as Ethics or Philosophy. It opens up opportunities for discussions surrounding the ethics of new technology and genetic discrimination.

· · 1997

Critical edition

Gattaca. Directed by Andrew Niccol, Columbia Pictures, Jersey Films, 1997. 106 min., FSK 12

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