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Clean Up!
Dapo Adeola and Nathan Bryon

This empowering picture book calls the readers attention to environmental pollution and eco-activism. In the second volume of the series, Rocket, a young girl, who loves science and astronomy, visits her grandparents who live on a Caribbean island. When she stumbles upon a baby turtle, who is trapped in a plastic bag, she discovers that the ocean and the whole beach are covered in waste. The rubbish chaos caused by the islanders must be cleaned up, as it harms the plants and animals. Will Rocket’s call for action make a change?

The story is suitable for a project week on environmental awareness in school, as it illustrates the devastating impact of plastic waste in the ocean.

// · · 2020

Critical edition

Bryon, Nathan and Dapo Adeola. Clean Up! Penguin, 2020. 32 pp., ISBN 9780241345894

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In favour of this entry

  • Addresses current affairs
  • Award-winning
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Interdisciplinary or cross-curricular teaching
  • Silenced voices
  • Students can identify with the text