Buford the Little Bighorn



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Buford the Little Bighorn
Bill Peet

This heartwarming illustrated story shows children the importance of accepting yourself and finding the upsides in difficult situations. Buford the little ram has trouble keeping up with his peers. His horns won’t stop growing and have started getting in the way of climbing the steep hills like his friends. He decides to spend the summer with the cows on the pastures but when winter comes, the hunters come with it. He runs for his life, but his horns slow him down. That’s when he discovers that although his horns aren’t great for running or climbing, they sure do make great skiis.

· · 1983

Critical edition

Peet, Bill. Buford the Little Bighorn. HMH Books for Young Readers, 1983 48 pp., ISBN 9780395340677

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