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Domee Shi

This animated short film will tug at your heart strings, no dialogue needed. When a Chinese-Canadian mother’s son leaves the nest, she is heartbroken and lonely. Her heartache is only soothed when she finds an adorable little steamed bun has come alive on her plate. Having something to take care of gives her a new sense of purpose, but doesn’t replace the son she feels she has lost.

The lack of dialogue in this short film helps remove language barriers. This way, all students are able to discuss the difficult topics in the EFL classroom on the same basis of understanding. Bao gives insight into Asian-American culture while also addressing emotions many families around the world can relate to.

/ · · 2018

Critical edition

Bao. Directed by Domee Shi, Walt Disney Studios & Pixar Animation Studios, 2018. 8 min., FSK 0, Website

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In favour of this entry

  • Award-winning
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Students can identify with the text