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Charlie Brooker

This Black Mirror episode is dealing with helicopter parents, surveillance, the issues with surveillance technology, and the importance of stressful experiences.
When little Sara gets lost for a while because she was following a cat, her mother Marie takes her to get an “Arkangel”-implant letting Marie not only access Sarah’s location but also see and hear what she does and control the exposure to stressful experiences. Distressing objects are simply blurred in Sarah’s vision so that, until her teenage years, she is not confronted with anything most children learn to deal with together like porn, blood, violence, etc. When she tries to harm herself to see what blood looks like, the psychologist advises Marie to turn off the Arkangel device. From this moment on, Sarah goes to school unsupervised and dives into her teenage life which progresses uninterrupted until, one night, her mother discovers that she went to a party and cannot reach her phone…

· · 2017

Critical edition

"Arkangel." Black Mirror, directed by Jodie Foster, season 4, episode 2, Endemol, 2017. 51 min.

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