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A Monster Calls
Patrick Ness

An intrusion fantasy novel about suffering, isolation, grief, self-awareness, family and growing up. Connor is a 13-year old teenager, whose mother suffers from cancer and is going through chemotherapy. One night he is visited by a monster that claims to be a version of the Green Man, the pagan personification of nature. As Conner is unwilling to accept his mother’s cancer diagnoses, the monster and Conner tell each other stories. And from then on, the monster returns…

· · 2011

Critical edition

Ness, Patrick. A Monster Calls. Walker Books, 2015. 236 pp., ISBN 9781406361803

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In favour of this entry

  • Addresses current affairs
  • Award-winning
  • Classic
  • Silenced voices
  • Students can identify with the text
  • User suggestion