A Friend of the Earth



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A Friend of the Earth
T.C. Boyle

A dystopian novel about global warming, environmental pollution, love and the loss of biodiversity. In the year 2025, 75-year-old Tyrone works as a caretaker at the estate of a wealthy rockstar in California which functions as the habitat for animals that are the last of their kind. Climate change has caused mass extinctions and rice is the only agricultural product grown on the American west coast. He remembers how, 40 years before, he fell in love with Andrea, a radical activist and how together they protested deforestation, trying to save the planet.

The ecocritical novel is suitable for interdisciplinary teaching with regard to the subject of Biology and Geography.

· · 2000

Critical edition

Boyle, Tom Coraghessan. A Friend of the Earth. Penguin, 2001 368 pp., ISBN 9780141002057

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In favour of this entry

  • Addresses current affairs
  • Democratic and political education
  • Students can identify with the text
  • Recommended by a federal state: Hesse

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  • Audiobook