A Big Red Letter for Grandma

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A Big Red Letter for Grandma
Barbara Gruhl and Ruth Scholl

Simon and Annika miss their Grandma, who lives in the US, a lot. But distance can be overcome in many ways! And so, the siblings write a letter and send it off in a red envelope. This piece of paper travels halfway across the world, all to show Grandma her grandchildren love and miss her.

This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect introduction to writing letters in class. Young students can use the story as motivation to write letters to their family and friends. The bilingual style can help young readers learn new phrases and vocabulary. The book even comes along with a recipe for apple pie; and who wouldn’t want to eat apple pie at school?

/ · · 2021

Critical edition

Gruhl, Barbara. A Big Red Letter for Grandma. Amiguitos - Sprachen für Kinder, 2021. 36 pp., ISBN 9783943079975

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