Rudolf Rausch, Horst Rothe

Generation of German Inflectional Verb Forms by Computers


An algorithm for the generation of any German verb form derived from its infinitive is presented. The algorithm, based on rules as far as possible, uses minimalized lists to handle the numerous exceptions and works without a computerized dictionary. It also deals with regular and irregular verbs, separable and unseparable prefixes, as well as neologisms, onomatopoetica and borrowings from other languages. The inflection of infinitival phrases considers the necessary changes of word positions.

The algorithm is implemented as a unit in Borland Pascal 7.0 (OOP) and in Delphi and is very efficient. It can be, and in fact already is, employed in teachware for German as a foreign language.

Download is available here. (Win7, Vista, XP, 2000)

Grundlagen der Generierung deutscher Verbformen mit dem Computer

Horst Rothe
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seit 13.09.1999