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To facilitate German language learning we started developing a software package in 1990, providing, in particular, knowledge about German pronunciation. Dr. Rausch, the author of the book "Deutsche Phonetik für Ausländer", has gained vast experience after many years of teaching German language to foreign students. Our program, previously called ENDUNGEN, has benefitted from this experience.

The program has been available for several years in more and more advanced versions with growing content. The current version contains a nearly complete section about pronunciation as well as an extensive part of German grammar, especially concerning the construction and usage of German verbal forms.

Due to the increased content, the name "ENDUNGEN" was no longer appropriate for our product. That is why the program is now called "besser DEUTSCH sprechen" and is available on CD.

an audio sample

The program covers the wide area of German pronunciation, and what's more, you can HEAR any example in excellent quality, from both the technical and phonetical points of view. At any time you like, you can record your own speech and compare your sample with the reference pattern supplied by our program.

Meanwhile more than 20,000 audible examples are included - from single sounds to words and complete sentences. This even includes some poems!

You will find explanations on how to reduce endings phonetically, a description of how to assimilate sounds in German, and even an explanation of what geminates are. A big part concerns stress of single words and the problem of sentence melody and weight point of sentences is included too.

Tools such as

are integrated!

further information: besser DEUTSCH sprechen® 99.1

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