Name Phone Email Room
Prof. Dr. Frank Cichos 32571 email 322
Assistant and Laboratory Manager
Andrea Kramer 32654 email 324
Dr. Martin Treß 32557 email 432
Dr. Xiangzun Wang 32570 email 333a
PhD Students/Research Associates
Benjamin Fanselow 32572 email 318
Alexander Fischer 32570 email 333a
Martin Fränzl 32575 email 102a
Alaa Hassan (Treß Group) 32557 email 432
Santiago Muiños Landin 32570 email 333a
Romy Schachoff 32570 email 333a
Nicola Söker 32575 email 102a
Xiaoya Su 32575 email 102a
Tobias Thalheim 32572 email 318
Jason Kushal Choudhury 32576 email 502c
Nikkin Devaraju 32576 email 502c
Felix Hartmann 32576 email 502c
Saurabh Jain 32576 email 502c
Sanjay Yadav Jayaprakash email
Sanu Maharjan 32576 email 502c
Felix Patzschke 32576 email 502c
Ravi Pradip 32576 email 502c
Keitlin Sejdarasi 32576 email 502c
David Simon 32576 email 502c
Mareike Zschocke 32576 email 502c

List of former members

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