About Us

The focus of our research is on low-dimensional and mesoscopic interacting systems. These systems are fascinating because on the one hand they allow one to study fundamental questions of quantum statistical mechanics, and on the other hand they have a great potential for technological applications.

The interplay of a reduced dimensionality with enhanced interaction effects, non-equilibrium physics, and disorder allows the observation of many interesting phenomena, which pose a stimulating challenge for theoretical analysis.

The mathematical language used for the description of these systems is quantum field theory, including techniques like functional integrals, renormalization group, instanton calculus, the Keldysh technique for non-equilibrium situations, and the replica method for disordered systems. These analytical tools are supplemented by the use of computer algebra (Mathematica) and numerical calculations (Matlab, Perl, C++). We try to analyse theoretically interesting problems with relevance to experiments on nanostructures.

Visit the webpage of the upcoming conference International Workshop on Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Low-dimensional Electronic Systems January 12 - January 15, 2015 Leipzig, Germany.