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InternalLab Safety RegulationsGeneral Rules

Before starting to work, inform yourself about potential dangers (of experiments, solvents, compounds) you might deal with. Think about what to do in case something goes wrong (e.g. fire, accident).

A collection of material data sheets is available in the chemistry lab (room 310). Feel free to supplement.

Take a look at the packing, dangerous stuff is marked by symbols.

Informations on risk (R) and safety (S) for chemicals can be taken from the Sigma catalogue (Undine Dietrich) or from Merck index (Josef A. Käs).

Wear lab coat, goggles (if necessary; must be worn if dealing with liquid nitrogen) and respective gloves.

Don't inhale dusts and steams, avoid contact to dangerous chemicals with skin and eyes. Use the fumehood! If working in the fume hood, close it whenever possible to protect yourself.

If you're done with the fumehood, clean the place. It is no storage room.

Eating, drinking in the labs as well as food storage in fridges other than declared for food is prohibited.

Amount of stored chemicals is to be minimized. Dangerous stuff must be signed to prevent to be mistaken.

Don't store flammable liquids in work rooms. At work places, the maximal amount allowed is 1 l in one vessel. Larger containers must be stored in appropriate cupboards; a key for the latter is kept at Undine Dietrich's office and in the secretary.

In labs, no packings should be stored. Recycle paper immediately.

After finishing your work, clean up your lab space instantly.

Recycle solvents in the respective black plastic containers. Inform yourself about correct recycling!

If nobody is present, labs and rooms are to be locked!

Dangers in case of pregnancy should be mentioned (respective questions are illegal).

Gas bottles:

  • Never store and use them lying on the floor
  • Transport them with cap.
  • Care for secure stand and holding. Don't heat gas bottles anyhow.
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