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InternalLab Safety RegulationsFire Protection Rules

Don't Panic!

Fire Prevention

Behave appropriarely to prevent fire and damage! Persons using devices/instruments: stay strictly to usage specifications.

Defects in fire protection must be notified the person responsible for security or the "Dekanatsrat".

No smoking in every lab, seminar room, lecture hall etc.

Running Coffee machines is only allowed in lounges and bureaus, nowhere else.

Flammables should only be stored at an amount needed for one work day in the respective lab or work rooms.

Long term experiments have to be marked as by the responsible person.

In Case of Fire or Smoke

Doors to the TA are to be closed but not locked

In case of fire: Doors of the building are only to be closed but not locked

Fire protection doors or other protective devices must not be modified or abused. (Don't block doors etc….)

Escape Ways

Don't put any stuff on escape ways or areas necessary for rescuing marked in the "Flucht- und Rettungsplan" (e.g. across the hall at the secretary's).

Signs of the escape ways must not be covered.

Elevators must not be used in case of fire.

Every person who has no responsibilities in case of fire must leave the building immediately. All these persons must go to the 'Stellplatz' which is located opposite the entrance Linnestr. 5 and should expect the presence control!

Fire Report

Press the fire alert button. The alert is forwarded to a central technical department.

Another alert is induced by smoke sensors.

Fire Extinguishers

Available at the places marked in the 'Rettungsplan'. Appropriate to extinguish smaller fires. They must not be covered! The employees must be trained in their usage.

Alert Signals

Fire alert takes place by sound of hooters.

Behavior in case of fire

    Don't panic!

    1: Rescue lives

    2: In case of alert, call the dispatcher

    3: In case of fire without alert, inform the fire department/dispatcher

    Dispatcher: (0341) 97-34444
    Fire Department: (0) 112

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Are there any people injured or endangered?
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