Jubiläumsausstellung: Erleuchtung der Welt – Sachsen und der Beginn der modernen Wissenschaften
600 Jahre Universität Leipzig
Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig 9 July to 6 December 2009

The Age of Enlightenment,
an era of change

University seal
University seal, imprint 1516

With around 700 rare objects, the anniversary exhibition highlights Universität Leipzig in the Age of Enlightenment – an era of great innovation, in which research and new insights changed the world. “Knowledge” was a key word for the 18th century. A great number of new disciplines were created and the rise of natural sciences began. The changes this brought to European intellectual history still characterise our societies today. Unique exhibits, such as paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings, scientific instruments, collections of historic specimens, clothes and documents, illustrate how important foundations of modern society are due to the Age of Enlightenment. Saxony, and Universität Leipzig in particular, were at the centre of this development, shaping the history of science in Germany and Europe with lasting effect.