Academia 2010
Transparent and flexible Electronics
28.09.2010, Leipzig, Germany

The Academia 2010 takes place on Tuesday, 28.09.2010, from 9:00 in the Universität Leipzig, Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften, Kleiner Hörsaal, Linnéstraße 5, Leipzig, Germany.

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For questions please consult our office at +49 (0)341 97-32650 (Ms. Anja Heck).

Scope of the workshop

Electronics currently conquers new fields of applications. Circuits on flexible substrates allow rollable and foldable formats, e.g. for electronic paper. Transparent, i.e. invisible circuits on windows, walls and surfaces lead to new types of information displays and design features. They can also introduce responsiveness to inanimate objects. The workshop covers physical, chemical and application related issues of such technologies.


The program will consist of seven invited lectures.

Invited speakers

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