Academia 2006
International Workshop:
Self-assembly of Complex Nanostructures
25.–26.09.2006, Leipzig, Germany

The Academia 2006 takes place on Monday, 25.09.2006 from 9:00 to 19:00 and Tuesday, 26.09.2006 from 9:00 to 18:00 in the KUBUS, Leipzig, Germany.

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For questions please consult our office at +49 (0)341 97-32650 (Ms. Anja Heck, Ms. Birgit Wendisch).

Scope of the workshop

Self-assembly processes allow the creation of complex nanostructures that exhibit non-trivial geometry or topology (e.g., cylindric or concentric core/shell systems), new physical and chemical properties and eventually new functionalities.

The workshop focuses on self-assembly processes during materials preparation and processes driven by organic matter. This interdisciplinary topic is of high relevance for future generations of nanoscopic systems.


The program will consist of invited lectures, contributed talks and a poster session.

Invited speakers

  • Dr. Marko Burghard, MPI für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart
    Carbon nanotubes and Vanadiumpentoxide nanostructures
  • Dr. E. Kaidashev, RSU Rostov-on-Don
    PLD of ZnO nanowires
  • Dr. A. Mikkelsen, Lund University
    Tailoring the growth of III-V nanowires
  • Dr. F. Simmel, LMU München
    DNA nanodevices and DNA self-assembly
  • Dr. M. Tchernycheva, CNRS Marcoussis
    III-V nanowires elaborated by Au-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
  • Prof. Goran Ungar, The University of Sheffield
    Bulk self-assembly of wedge-shaped molecules
  • Prof. Dr. P. Ziemann, Universität Ulm
    Macromolecular Self-Organization to Prepare Ordered Arrays of Nanoparticles: Properties & First Applications

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