MFS-Workshop: Comparability of Frames

Multilingual Frame Semantics Workshop: Comparability of Frames

The Institute for Applied Linguistics and Translatology at the University of Leipzig welcomes Frame Semantics researchers from all over the world to discuss one central issue of a multilingual perspective on Frame Semantics: the comparability of frames (see workshop call). The workshop will take place  on October 10 & 11, 2018. It will also cover selected other issues around Multilingual Frame Semantics. Oliver Czulo will be your host for the two days. This website offers practical info and presents the programme to the workshop attendants.

Hotel site allocation and check-in, conference venue, dinner

This map shows where the central station, the institute and the two MotelOne sites are located. There is also an aerial view on the GWZ (Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum) where we will be meeting. It is very easy to find the „Albrecht-Neubert-Raum“: Take the lift to the fifth floor, make a left turn and walk down the hall to the last (actually only!) room on the left hand side.

As shown on the map, there are two hotel sites of the Motel One. The rule is very easy: All workshop speakers are allocated to the Nikolaikirche site, all other registered workshop guests are allocated to the Augustusplatz hotel site. You can check in from 3pm on; if you believe you might arrive close to or after 6pm, please let me know so I can notify the hotel of it, otherwise your reservation may be cancelled. Your name is all you will need for the check-in.

The workshop dinner will take place on Wednesday, October 10, at 8pm at the Restaurant Casablanca, Karl-Heine-Straße 47, 04229 Leipzig. Vegetarian meal options are available. Options how to get there will be announced during the workshop.

Programme for October 10 & 11

The full workshop programm contains the abstracts to the talks.

Part 1: Wednesday morning


Oliver Czulo

Introduction: Workshop aims and some thoughts on methods for comparing frames


Hans Boas

Semantic frames as a universal metalanguage?


Kyoko Ohara

Comparability of frames in bilingual children’s books


Miriam Petruck

Issues in aligning frames in the Multilingual FrameNet project



On the comparability of frames

Lunch at Kowalski (

Part 2: Wednesday afternoon


Paul Sambre

Marriage and ‘Ndrangheta: Reframing the role of mafia women in an Italian crime syndicate


Jennifer Sikos & Sebastian Padó

Embeddings and cross-lingual frames


Tiago Torrent

Building the GregBot, or how a domain-specific multilingual FrameNet can be turned into a personal travel assistant



Data-driven methods for comparing frames

Dinner at Casablanca (20:00, Karl Heine-Str. 47)

Part 3: Thursday morning


Alexander Ziem

The German FrameNet and Constructicon Project: Status quo and perspectives


Kristian Blensenius & Benjamin Lyngfelt

Applying English frames to Swedish: Different conditions for multilingual FrameNets and Constructicons


Amanda Patten & Florent Perek

Towards a comprehensive Constructicon of English: Bringing together COBUILD Grammar Patterns and FrameNet


Josef Ruppenhofer

Polarity Sensitivity in translation



On the relation of constructions and frames

Lunch at Kowalski (

Part 4: Thursday afternoon



Connecting the Community


Oliver Czulo – Common platforms for collecting and disseminating publications (short talk)

Peter Uhrig – The Distributed Little Red Hen Lab: A Community for Research into Multimodal Communication