Projects of the 2nd Funding Period 2011—2014

 Hot Brownian Motion
 Cichos, Kroy, Mertig 
 Static and Dynamic Properties of DNA-Based Polymer Structures under Constraints and
 Cichos, Mertig,
 Driven Diffusion in Nanoscaled Materials
 von Borczyskowski,
 Radons, Valiullin
 Diffusion and Conformational Dynamics in Locally Perturbed Model Membrane Systems 
 Petrov, Schwille
 Generation of Directed Motion: Hot Random Steps in Cytoskeletal Systems Can Lead to
 Processive Movement
 Diez, Käs
 Electric Field Driven Motion of Single Polyelectrolyte Grafted Colloids
 Polymer Conformations and Diffusive Transport in Disordered Environments
 Janke, Kroy