Pre-conference workshop: Visual mismatch negativity
Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015
SKH Z005

Comparing emotional and neutral visual mismatch negativity

Andres Neuhaus1 & Bob Vogel2

1Berlin, Germany
2Department of Psychiatry, Charité University Medicine, Berlin, Germany

In the predictive coding framework, mismatch negativity (MMN) is regarded a correlate of the prediction error that occurs when top-down predictions conflict with bottom-up sensory inputs. Expression-related mismatch negativity (EMMN) is a relatively novel construct thought to reflect a prediction error specific to emotional processing. This claim, however, has to be validated by directly comparing visual MMN with visual EMMN in the same population. In this talk, I will present results of a recent study that characterizes visual MMN and visual EMMN with respect to spatiotemporal profiles and neuronal sources.