Upcoming Seminars

The ITP events and colloquia schedule can be found here.

Parafermions on quantum Hall edges: towards topological qubits

Dr. Kyrylo Snizhko, Weizmann Institute, Israel, 16.08.19


Recent Seminars

First order topological phase transitions and fractional topological phases in 1d strongly correlated fermionic ladders

Simone Barbarino, TU Dresden, 23.05.19


Phase lapses and dephasing in quantum Hall interferometers

Y. Dinaii, Weizmann Institute, Israel, 27.02.13


Magnetic order and excitations in iridium oxides

Dr. Giniyat Khalliulin, MPI-FKF Stuttgart, 15.11.2012


Fractional Quantum Hall Effect of Lattice Bosons Near Commensurate Flux

Dr. Layla Hormozi, National Universtiy of Ireland Maynooth, 25.10.2012


Observation of Braiding Statistics of Anyons in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Prof. Woowon Kang, Universtiy of Chicago, 17.08.2012


Mini-Symposium Quantum Hall Physics

Members from MPI-FKF Stuttgart,
MPI Stuttgart


Entanglement spectra in fractional quantum Hall states

Dr. Maria Hermanns,
Princeton University


A topological classification of spin pumps

Dr. Dganit Meidan
FU Berlin


Gapped and gapless topological phases in condensed matter systems

Dr. Andreas Schnyder,
Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart


Polariton Condensation and Lasing in Semiconductor Microcavities - Coherence and Dynamics

Dr. Paul Eastham,
Trinity College Dublin


Quantum Interference, Hidden Order and Defects in Heavy-Fermion Materials

Prof. Dr. Dirk K. Morr,
University of Illinois, Chicago


Scanning gate microscopy and spectroscopy of Coulomb islands in quantum Hall interferometers

Dr. Benoit Hackens,
IMCN, Pole Nanophysique (NAPS), Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium


The Complexity of Proteins

Prof. Dr. Hans Frauenfelder,
Los Alamos National Laboratory