Soft Matter Day 2018
The third Soft Matter Day, organized by the Peter Debye Institute for Soft Matter Physics, will take place on 6 July 2018 at the Theoretical Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, Linnéstr. 5, Leipzig. It aims at stimulating scientific exchange and interactions among the groups of the institute and the Leipzig groups that do related work in this field.

Registration Deadlines
Participants with a talk or poster: 6 June 2018
Participants without contribution: 22 June 2018

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List of Posters

09:00–09:15 Meeting of the Members of the Institute
09:15–09:25 Welcome
09:25–09:45 Stickiness in biological and artificial semiflexible polymer networks
Tom Golde, Martin Glaser, Cary Turmarc, Iman Elbalasy, Harald Herrmann, Josef A. Käs, Jörg Schnauß
Single amyloid fibrils studied in a thermophoretic trap
Martin Fränzl, Tobias Thalheim, Juliane Adler, Daniel Huster, Frank Cichos
Population annealing for molecular dynamics simulations of protein folding
Henrik Christiansen, Martin Weigel, Wolfhard Janke
Cooperation of molecular motors during dsDNA repair
Kristina Kasaciunaite, Fergus Fettes, Maryna Levikova, Petr Cejka, Ralf Seidel
10:45–11:05 Break
11:05–11:25 Microenvironment influences migration of cancer cells in 3D
Tony Fischer, Alexander Hayn, Claudia T. Mierke
11:25–11:45 Reaching Carnot’s efficiency with powerful active Brownian heat engines
Viktor Holubec
11:45–12:05 Orientation and order in bottle brush copolymers
Arthur Markus Anton, Christian David Heinrich, Mukundan Thelakkat, Friedrich Kremer
12:05–12:25 Mechanical properties of tumors from the single cell to complete tissue
Thomas Fuhs, Josef A. Käs
12:25–14:15 Poster Session and Lunch (Aula/Corridor)
14:15–14:35 Active Brownian particle under inhomogeneous activity
Nicola Söker, Sven Auschra, Paul Cervenak, Klaus Kroy, Frank Cichos
14:35–14:55 Inhomogeneities in 3-D collagen matrices impact matrix mechanical properties
Alexander Hayn, Tony Fischer, Claudia T. Mierke
14:55–15:15 Electron-beam-induced crosslinking of hydrogels: material modifications and application
Stefanie Riedel, Stefan G. Mayr
15:15–15:35 Structure and mechanics of cell spheroids
Steffen Grosser, Linda Oswald, Jürgen Lippoldt, Josef A. Käs
15:35–16:00 Break
16:00–16:20 Modeling DNA-strand displacement reactions in the presence of base pair mismatches
Patrick Irmisch, Ralf Seidel
16:20–16:40 Investigation on the dynamics of the TMD of APP via various methods of solid state NMR
Hannes Heinel, Alexander Vogel, Daniel Huster
16:40–18:00 Poster Session (Corridor)
18:00 Barbecue

The time for each talk is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.


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