Soft Matter Day 2022
The fifth Soft Matter Day, organized by the Peter Debye Institute for Soft Matter Physics, will take place on 1 July 2022 at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, Linnéstr. 5, Leipzig. It aims at stimulating scientific exchange and interactions among the groups of the institute and the Leipzig groups that do related work in this field.

Registration Deadlines
Participants with a talk or poster: 20 May 2022
Participants without contribution: 8 June 2022

Program as PDF
Announcement Peter Debye Lecture
List of Posters

09:00–09:15 Meeting of the Members of the Institute
09:15–09:20 Welcome
09:20–09:40 Direct measurements of the energy landscape of CRISPR-Cas R-loop formation
Julene Madariaga-Marcos, Dominik J. Kauert, Marius Rutkauskas, Alexander Wulfken, Inga Songailiene, Tomas Sinkunas, Virginijus Siksnys, Ralf Seidel
Cancer cell motility through unjamming impacts metastatic risk
Pablo Gottheil, Jürgen Lippldt, Steffen Grosser, Dimitrij Tschodu, Frederic Renner, Hans Kubitschke, Anne-Kathrin Poßögel, Anne-Sophie Wegscheider, Kay Friedrichs, Christoph Lindner, Benjamin Wolf, Michael Höckel, Bahriye Aktas, Axel Niendorf, Josef Käs

Symmetry breaking in the light–matter interaction of Janus particles
Felix Patzschke, Martin Fränzl, Frank Cichos

10:20–10:45 Break (Aula)
10:45–11:05 Organization of cocultured neurons and glial cells on nanocolumnar TiN substrates
Alice Abend, Chelsie Steele, Mareike Zink

11:05–11:25 Remodeling lipid membranes using DNA origami
Henri Franquelim
11:25–12:25 Peter Debye Lecture: Biological signal processing across scales
Steffen Rulands
12:25–14:00 Poster Session and Lunch
14:00–14:40 Soft matter, evolution, learning
Oskar Hallatschek
14:40–15:00 Spontaneous vortex formation by microswimmers with retarded attractions
Xiangzun Wang, Pin-Chuan Chen, Klaus Kroy, Viktor Holubec, Frank Cichos
15:00–15:20 Dynamics, charge transport and crystallization of individualized polymer chains
Alaa Hassan, Wing Kit Or, Martin Tress
15:20–15:55 Break (Aula)
15:55–16:15 Fatty tissue as tumor promoter and suppressor
Eliane Blauth, Hans Kubitschke, Dorit John, Anne Hoffmann, Benjamin Wolf, Amelie Zschau, Annette Beck-Sickinger, Michael Höckel, Peter Kovacs, Matthias Blüher, Bahriye Aktas, Josef Käs
16:15–18:00 Poster Session
18:00 Barbecue

The time for each talk is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.


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