Introduction to Photonics I, WS 2022/23

Lecture/Seminar Dates

Lecturer Exercise
Prof. Dr. Frank Cichos
Wednesday: 15:15–16:45, SR 532
Wednesday: 16:45–17:30, SR 532

Important Information

      • There will be no lecture on Wednesday, November 23, 2022.
      • From December 7, 2022 on, the lecture will not take place anymore in the seminar room. We will provide recordings of the lecture on the internal website.
      • The lab course takes two days and will be on Fourier Optics. The number of people per lab course is limited to a maximum of 5.
        You can find a list with the participants on the internal website.
        If you have questions, please contact Andrea Kramer via email.
      • The oral exams will took place from the end of June to July 18, 2023.


  • Saleh/Teich: Fundamentals of Photonics (amazon)
  • Hecht: Optics (amazon)
  • Jackson: Classical Electrodynamics (amazon)
  • Mandel/Wolf: Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics (amazon)
  • Demtröder: Laser Spectroscopy (amazon)
  • Bloembergen: Nonlinear Optics (amazon)

Lecture Materials

The link to the website of the online lectures, the lecture materials and the forum are available to logged in users here.

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