Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt

Information Systems Institute

·        Business application systems (ERP), in particular

         regarding the integration of customers and suppliers 

·        Electronic markets and digital platforms,

         in particular the impact of decentralized (blockchain) technologies

·        Methods for management of interorganizational processes,

         in particular Service Science and Business Engineering

Dr. Elhadji Ari Awagana

Institute for African Studies


Dr. Martin Bauch

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        Environmental and climatic history of the high and late Middle Ages
         in Europe and in global historical perspective

·        Medieval infrastructure history

·        History of late medieval Italy


Prof. Dr. Rose Marie Beck

Institute for African Studies

·        African languages & literatures

·        History & culture in Africa

·        Society, politics and economy


PD Dr. Gilad Ben-Nun


·        History of international law

·        Refugee studies

·        Migration studies


Prof. Dr. Marian Burchardt

Institute for Sociology

·        Qualitative and ethnographic methods of social research

·        Global comparative sociology of culture and religion

·        Space, materiality and urban ethnography


Prof. Dr. Dieter Burdorf

Institute for German Studies

·        Modern German literature from the early modern era to the present

  in an international context

·        German-Jewish literature of the 19th and 20th century

·        Theory and history of poetry


Prof. Dr. Markus Dreßler

Institute for the Study of Religions

·        Cultural sociology

·        Religion and secularism

.        Religion, politics and society of the late Ottoman Empire and Turkey


Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger

International SEPT Competence Center

·        International Entrepreneurship

·        University Business Linkages

.        Innovation Management


Prof. Dr. Ulf Engel

Institute for African Studies

·        Politics and economy in Africa

·        German Africa policy (foreign affairs, development policy,

  security policies)

·        Political developments in South Africa and Southern Africa


Dr. Corinne Geering

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        Transregional History of Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries

·        Social Inequality and Mobility

·        International cooperation during the Cold War


Prof. Dr. Jörg Gertel

Institute of Geography

·        Human geography

·        Social anthropology

·        Urban spaces and metropolitan development


Prof. Dr. Frank Hadler

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        Cultural history of East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries

·        History of transnationalization and globalization processes

·        History of international relations in the interwar period


Em. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Höpken

Institute for History

·        History of South-Eastern Europe

·        Cultures of remembering in South-Eastern Europe

·        History of warfare and violence


Prof. Dr. Dietlind Hüchtker

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

 ·       European history with emphasis on Poland,

         Germany and Habsburg Monarchy (18th-21st c.)

·        Gender history, history of culture and knowledge

·        History of ideas of utopias and on popular and scientific culture in

          rural areas after 1945


Dr. Michael Janoschka

Insitute of Geography

·        Critical urban research

·        Migration processes, social exclusion and the role of civil society in the

         recent political shift to the right

·        Negotiation of new urban governance approaches in the conflict field

         between social initiatives and urban policy


Prof. Dr. Adam Jones

Insitute of African Studies

·        History of African Studies

·        African art history

·        Editing of European sources on Africa written between 1660 and 1940


Prof. Dr. Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski

Institute for Political Science

·      Phenomena of de-democratization

·      Identity Politics in Democratic Regimes

·      Role of nationalism in democracies and non-democratic regimes


Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Kaske

Institute of East Asian Studies

·        Modern Chinese society and culture

·        History of China and East Asia

·        German-Chinese relationship


Prof. Dr. Verena Klemm

Oriental Institute

·        Arabic literature in social and political context

·        Shiite Islam

·        History and literature of the Fatimid period


Dr. Thilo Lang

Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography

·        Urban and regional change

·        Return migration and regional development

·        Shrinking cities and regeneration


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Lentz

Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography

·        Regional geography, especially of Europe and the

         successor states of the Soviet Union

·        Cultural Geography

·        Transformation Research


Prof. Dr. Siegfried Lokatis

Institute for Communication and Media Studies

·        History of Publishing

·        Censorship in literature

·        The Militarized Book Trade in the First World War


Prof. Dr. Astrid Lorenz

Institute for Political Science

·        Democracy in Europe

·        Constitutional Policy

·        Politics in multi-level systems (federalism, European Union)


Prof. Dr. Christian Lübke

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        Medieval history of eastern Europe

·        History of Germania Slavica

·        History of relations Germany - Poland - Russia


Dr. Steffi Marung

Global and European Studies Institute

·        Global and transnational history

·        History of socialism, cold war and area studies

·        European integration history since early 20th century


Prof. Dr. Matthias Middell

Global and European Studies Institute

·         Historical evolvement of the global condition,

·         Comparative and global history of revolutions

·         History and methodology of history writing in a global age 


Prof. Dr. Judith Miggelbrink

Human Geography

 ·        Practices of combating antibiotic resistance.

·         Eastern Europe in times of Europeanization and Diffusion

·        Spatial research and planning


Prof. Dr. Maren Möhring

Institute for the Study of Culture

·        Human and political geography

·        Geography and social theory

·        Mobilities and migration regimes in Eastern Europe


PD Dr. Dietmar Müller

Vertretung von Prof. Stefan Troebst,

Global and European Studies Institute (GESI)

·        Nation Building and Minority Issues in Eastern Europe

·        Governance and Statehood in East-Central and Southeast Europe

·        Remembrance culture and politics of history


Dr. Uwe Müller

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        East Central Europe in the first globalization (1850-1914)

·        Sozialistische Entwicklungsmodelle für die „Dritte Welt“

·        Transregional trade infrastructures in the nineteenth and

          twentieth centuries


Prof. Dr. Gert Pickel

Institute for Theology

·        Practical Theology

·        Sociology of Religion, church sociology, democracy and political

  culture research

·         Religious and political collective identities


Prof. Dr. Ursula Rao

Institute of Anthropology

·        eGovernance, financialization, biometrics

·        India

·        Urban studies


Prof. Dr. Solveig Richter

Institute for Political Science

·        Democratic peace, democratization and external democracy promotion

·        Post-conflict peacebuilding and instruments of conflict management

·        European security architecture and security regimes


Prof. Dr. Julia Schmidt-Funke

Historical Seminar

·        History of the early modern period

·        European contemporary history

·        Prehistory


PD Dr. Adamantios Skordos

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        History of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries in its global context

·        Culture of memory and politics of history

·        Panslavism and Antislavism


Dr. Sarah Ruth Sippel

Institute of Anthropology

·        Globalization of agriculture and food

·        Commodification and financialization of natural resources

·        Social construction and theorization of space


Prof. Dr. Bernd Süßmuth

Institute for Empirical Research in Economics

·       Economic Growth

·       German re-unification

·       Quantitative economics of education


Prof. Dr. em. Stefan Troebst

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe

·        Modern history of Europe

·        Politics of history

·        Cultures of remembrance


 Prof. Dr. Dirk van Laak

 Institute for History

·        History of Germany, Europe and Globalisation of the

  19th to 21st century

·        History of colonialism and imperialism

·        History of historiography and its boundaries to literature


Prof. Dr. Dmitri van den Bersselaar

Institute of African Studies

·        Impact of multinational companies on local African labor relations

         and work cultures

·        Employability in African knowledge-based economies

·        History of knowledge production in and about Africa


Prof. Dr. Ute Wardenga

Leibniz Institut for Regional Geography

·        Global history

·        Theory and history of geography and cartography

·        Spatial semantics


Prof. Dr. Katja Werthmann-Kirscht

Institut of African Studies

·        Social and economic processes in rural and urban,

         anglophone and francophone West Africa

·        Urban socio-spatial navigation

·        Vigilante groups in Burkina Faso