Susanna Jorek


I studied Theater and Cultural Studies (BA) in Leipzig and African Studies (MA) at the Humboldt University (HU) in Berlin. During my studies, I focused on postcolonial theory, the Black diaspora, diversity and diversity management, as well as on issues of migration and (inter-) cultural exchange and identity and worked for the Berliner Institut für empirische Migrations- und Integrationsforschung (BIM) as part of the social sciences at the HU. Foreign stays included Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Current Research Project

Title: People in the Museum: An Ethnographic Examination of Diversity, Participation, Interaction and Dialogue Practices in the Museum.

In my dissertation, I examine how the concept of diversity is interpreted and implemented in two museums and how those processes affect programmes, audiences and organizational structures of the museums. The increasing political and societal discourse about the diversification of public institutions raises a number of questions, e.g. what are conditions under which urban cultural institutions open up to underrepresented groups and what are obstacles? How are underrepresented groups included in institutional negotiations? In my thesis, I use ethnomethodology in order to reconstruct diversification processes in two museums, one in Leipzig and one in Bristol (England). Whereas in Bristol public funding of cultural institutions requires diversity management strategies and monitoring of for example the diversity of staff, this is not required in Leipzig, which makes the comparison interesting. From my close work with different teams in both museums, I have produced thick descriptions of their work, relations and mind sets, from which I theorize about diversification processes in the two museums. I give an overview over structures, resources and concepts of diversity strategies and show as a result how the process of diversifying challenges institutional structures, self-concepts and output. I also concentrate on postcolonial migration and how postcolonial actors are or are not integrated in the process of museum making. This is particularly salient in Bristol, as the city was once an important side of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and now holds one of the biggest Jamaican communities outside Jamaica. Negotiations on decolonization are dialogic and conflicted, sometimes painful.


Research Interests

Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Theory, Migration and Diversity, Cultural Identity and Hybridity, Minority Representation and Postmigrant Societies.


Academic CV


2014 BA Theater Studies
2017 MA African Studies

Academic positions

Since 2017 PhD Student at Graduate School of Global and Area Studies (GSGAS)


Since 2019 PhD fellowship (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung)



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