Prof. Dr. Matthias Middell
Spokesperson of the Graduate School,

Global and European Studies Institute


Research Interests:
- regimes of territorialization in a historical perspective
- history of cultural encounters and cultural transfers
- history of the humanities and social sciences under the global condition

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Kaske
Deputy spokesperson of GSGAS

Institute of East Asian Studies


Research Interests:
- History of China and East Asia
- German-Chinese relationship
- Military history
- History of ideas, education, and language
- Fiscal history
- Bureaucratic elites, professional elites

Prof. Dr. Dmitri van den Bersselaar
Representative of the Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies

Institute for African Studies


Research Interests:
- Economic history
- Coastal West Africa, specifically Ghana and Nigeria during the 19th and 20th centuries
- (Post-)colonialism
- Changing perceptions of status, culture, ethnicity, and identity in West Africa

Prof. Dr. Maren Möhring
Representative of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy

Institute for the Study of Culture


Research Interests:
- Social and cultural history of modern Europe
- Food studies
- Migration
- Postcolonial studies
- Gender and body history
- Film and history

PD Dr. Adamantios Skordos

Representative of Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe


Research Interest:
- History of Europe in the 19th and 20th century in its global context
- South and Southeast European history
- Culture of memory and politics of history
- History of International Law
- Panslavism and Antislavism

Prof. Dr. Ute Wardenga

Representative of Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography


Research Interests:
- history of spatial practices and knowledge, 19th and 20th century
- history of geography
- history of research and journeys and expeditions
- histoire croisée Europe and other continents (currently: specially Africa)

Dr. Jens Herpolsheimer

Post-Doc Representative

SFB 1199: “Verräumlichungsprozesse unter Globalisierungsbedingungen”


Research Interests:
- Cooperation dynamics at the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP)
- Intervention practices of African regional organizations and their spatializing effects
- Practices of inter-regionalism between different actors at African regional organizations and the European Union
- Politics and practices of peace and security in Africa, Lusophony, and comparative regionalism
- Interregionalismus und Sicherheit im Sahel-Raum: Die Afrikanische Union, ECO-WAS und die Europäische Union

Dr. Katja  Castryck-Naumann

Post-Doc Representative

Leibniz Institute for History and Culture of Eastern Europe


Research Interests:
- History of International Organisations and Global Governance
- Transregional Entanglements of Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th century
- History of Knowledge
- History of ideas, education, and language
- Development of World and Global History / Historiography in the US and Europe
- Concepts of Entangled History and Transregional Studies

Prof. Dr. Ulf Engel

Institute for African Studies, Global and European Studies Institute


Research Interests:
- Violent processes of de- and reterritorialization in Africa
- Peace and security in Africa
- African Union & RECs
- South African politics