Religion, Secularity and Cultural Dynamics

This unit combines two former units "Religious Non-Conformism and Cultural Dynamics" and "Secularities: Configurations and Developmental Paths". The unit, thus, brings together two central research fields (Religion and Secularities) at Leipzig University and is aimed at doctoral researchers in the humanities and the social sciences, whose work addresses the development, differentiation and praxis of religious and secular phenomena, past and present. The boundaries between these phenomena manifest in cultural dynamics that unfold in the context of religious processes of negotiation, traditions, and appropriations. The focus of the unit, therefore, is on the reciprocal relationship and processes of transformation of "Religion, Secularity, and Cultural Dynamics". The starting point is the assumption that religious change always occurs in the context of cultural processes of transformation and in relation to secular societal processes. Empirical and historical examples from various religious traditions and regions will be examined. The goal of the unit is critical reflection on central theories and concepts as well as the systematic treatment of questions related to this topic. The unit is also open to other topics and issues in research on religion.

The unit offers doctoral research and post-doctoral research the possibility of interdisciplinary exchange through doctoral colloquia, workshops on methodology, and research seminars. We work closely with the Humanities Centre for Advanced Study Multiple Secularities and with the Centre for the Study of Religion.