Maria at Summer School in Leipzig

Doctoral Students


Abdisalam Mohmaoud H Ahmed

The Role of Traditional Leaders in Conflict Management: A Comparative Study of Somalia and Ethiopia

Ayten Anemaw Birhanie

The Afar - Issa conflict in Eastern Ethiopia and Djibouti: A Case Study of an Intractable Conflict and the Ensuing Challenges of Conflict Resolution in the Horn of Africa

Chan Gatkuoth Yoam

South Sudan Civil War: Internal Dynamics and Regional Security Implications

Frank Djan Owusu

Mediation as a Response to Complexity: Assessing the Role of State-Civil Societies Relation in the Democratization process – the Case of the Quartet in Tunisia

Luke Kue Yiech

Nuer Traditional Mode of Governance and its Interaction with the State System. The Case of Clan Politics in Nuer Zone in the Gambella Regional State.

Maria Enow Ayuk

Repositioning Peacebuilding in Africa in the Age of Globalization: The Case of Nigerian Government Amnesty Programme

Mpeirwe Michael Katungi

Power Politics: Regional Dynamics and Opportunities in the Case of South Sudan 

Precious N. T. Chilufya

Zimbabwe: Reinventing Sovereignty and Indeginization