Fee Structure

Our programme is based on tuition fees, but we do not operate for profit. Tuition fees are reinvested in the programme to pay faculty and staff, guest lecturers, language classes, online access to the library of Leipzig, enrollment fees in Leipzig, supervision, visa support, transcripts and graduation documents as well as social gatherings.

Tuition for the PhD programme are 2.500 € per term, payable every six months. Please note that this PhD programme is not a scholarship programme. It requires students to prepare their finanical organization beforehand.

In addition to tuition fees students coming from outside to Addis Ababa should have approximately 8.000 Birr or 350 € per month at their disposal for accommodation and living costs. We help organizing private accommodation in Addis. For the second term in Leipzig monthly expenses including rent amount to an average of 650 €. We organize accommodation in students dorms which costs 180-220 € per month.

At the moment, registration at Addis Ababa University is 200 $ which includes 80 $ admission and 120$ for registration for international students. Local students pay the local fees for registration. The registration fee at Leipzig University is 202,00 € which includes a public transportation ticket for the city and reduced prices in dining halls.

Who could help me sponsor my studies?

The ways students manage to pay for the programme are diverse and we would like to share these as they might help others who are in similar situations. 

Current or previous employers
Some students were able to get funded by their employer with whom they negotiated times of absence. While full time attendance is required in the first year, the second year allows for part-time work. Some of our most committed students manage to work in the fourth term and finish their master thesis at the same time. Should you be admitted we provide an admission letter and an explanation of the fee structure that can help to convince your employer.

Options for funding the term at Leipzig University
The most expensive part is the three months stay in Leipzig, Germany. Accommodation, living expenses as well as health insurance need to be factored in. While we are able to help organize all of it we cannot pay for these expenses. Students are enrolled throughout the entire two years at the German university. It is therefore advisable to look for organizations which support studies in Germany. Some students were successful in applying for funds at the foundations listed below. We recommend to carefully read what these organizations'/foundations' mission and vision are and apply to the one that best suits your particular study goals and interests.

Catholic Academic Exchange Service
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
Paul + Maria Kremer Stiftung
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

DAAD Scholarships provided in the MA programme

Every year we apply as a joint programme for scholarships at the DAAD. In the last years we were able to attract additional scholarships which were awarded to the best students in the programme. They were able to reduce their overall costs by demonstrating excellent academic results. These scholarships are awarded for a length of six months and amount to 1.250 €. On average we can support 20% of PhD students at least once during their six semesters. 

We cannot guarantee scholarships for students and have to assess options every year anew. Should we have the option to award scholarships funded by the DAAD they are given to the best students only and solely during the three years course, not beforehand.