Application and Admission


The programme qualifies junior researchers and professionals for employment, among others, in international organizations, in the field of conflict management, prevention and resolution as well as early warning (and other areas of the emerging African peace and security architecture), and as future lecturers, scholars and researchers within the rapidly expanding higher education sector in the world. 

We are looking for talented candidates who finished their Master degree in social science, political science, history, international relations, law, humanities and economics and of course peace and security studies with very good results. Students applying for this programme should have an interest in conflict prevention, peace and security and should be able to frame it in an African as well as global context.

Our current PhD students are quick learners and distinguish themselves by displaying outstanding analytical skills and refined sensitivity towards conflictual topics. Students are guided by professors and staff, but venture out independently to explore new research avenues. Our students are from diverse backgrounds engaging in lively debates and approaching topics from different perspectives. They work together in groups and become cultural mediators with a high degree of mutual respect. Due to its unique composition of students this programme provides a learning environment which emphasizes jointness - the learning from and with each other.

Application Deadline

Applications are welcome by the beginning of the new year. The next deadline for the submission of applications is April 30, 2018.

Admission Criteria

1. research proposal (10-12 pages) 
2. academic excellence (study results and quality of higher education institution)
3. motivation, academic potential and recommendation letters
4. match of previous degree and research with PhD programme
5. work experience and professional qualification
6. language skills

Please note: The single most important document you submit for your application is the research proposal. It has to be of excellent academic quality showing that you are aware of the current status of research with thorough references to other scholar's work. It further needs to propose an original idea that has not been investigated yet.

Application Documents

1. application form (download above)

2. certified or original hard copy of high school leaving certificate

3. certified or original hard copy of university diplomas (Bachelor and Master)

4. certified or original hard copy of transcript of records (Master's degree)

5. English test results if English is not your primary language of communication

  • TOEFL (international): minimum score of 550 paper-based (or 213 computer-based or 80 internet-based). Please notice that the code number for the Master's course in Global Studies is: 4688.
  • IELTS: minimum score of 6,5
  • CPE: Grades A, B, C (Certificate of Proficiency in English)
  • CAE: Grades A, B (Certificate in Advanced English)
  • UNIcert III
  • Applicants who acquired a degree from a college or university where English is the language of instruction do not have to provide the above mentioned proficiency tests.

6. curriculum vitae (not longer than three pages)

7. letter of motivation

8. research proposal (10-12 pages)

9. two recommendation letters

10. copy of passport

11. two passport size pictures

*Please note that a certified copy is not a normal copy, but is approved and stamped by an official office. A certification can be obtained from any authority that does hold an official seal (for example town halls, police, courts, rectories and notaries)