Obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences


A PhD can be done in all subjects that are offered at Leipzig University. Admission as a PhD candidate to the repective faculty is subject to the Doctoral Regulations of the university faculties (documents are only available in German).

Inclusion on the list of doctoral students of the faculty is urgent and must be done regardless of the inclusion in a unit of the Graduate Center. This requires an application directed to the dean’s office of the respective faculty, which can be submitted at any time. The admission requirements are laid down in the doctoral regulations. Usually the approval of a supervisor is a prerequisite for the application.  

Furthermore there is the possibility of enrolment as a PhD student, which entails university membership, provided the PhD candidate does not have more than a part-time employment. Enrolment as a PhD student is possible throughout the year.

The Graduate Centre offers a structured training within the existing units during the doctorate. Participation and performances rendered in the context of doctoral programmes will be confirmed by a certificate of the Graduate Center, which is recognized as a compensation of the so called ‘Rigorosum’ (doctoral viva) according to the PhD regulations of the respective faculties. The PhD student and supervisor enter into a supervision agreement after the inclusion in a unit.


A sample agreement can be found here.

All necessary steps and contacts can be found here.