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Platform for fled scientists and German research institutions

Get in contact with other researchers of your research field, benefit from access to libraries, conferences and other university events or conduct joint research projects.



Akademiker SymbolbildPlatform for fled and local academics

Get to know other people, communicate with other collegues working in the field of your profession and benefit from personal and professional exchange.



Student SymboldbildPlatform for fled and local students

Get to know other people of your age and from different cultures, communicate with fellow students and broaden your horizons.



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Chance-for-science has a very strict data policy. All data will be treated anonymously. Researchers have the opportunity to hide their accounts from students and academics accounts. We examine every registration to ensure only serious profile accounts. As a project which is only funded by donations, we cannot guarantee full data protection. If you should encounter any form of abuse, we reserve the right to delete the account.



If you want to support our project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for helping with your donation.

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