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Temporary job offering in Munich. Dear all, I am currently running a project that is funded by the German Foreign Office and I am looking for Syrian staff, preferably (but not limited to) students or graduates with a background in social science or the fine arts. We offer a temporary work contract that is in line with German labour laws. The monthly salary is 1.800 € gross. The post is in Munich. The work is office based, i.e. you cannot work remotely. Applicants must have a work permit for Germany.

As for the tasks: We are an international NGO, working on humanitarian assistance in conflict zones. Currently our work is focused on Syria, but we do have projects worldwide. We are working with vulnerable persons and victims of the current war in Syria and prepare a database with names. In the first instance the work consists of a simple data entry job. We have Arabic language PCs with Arabic keyboards and the task is quite simple to populate a databank. There are no translation requirements at that stage.

In the next stage, which is the more interesting part of the job and intellectually more challenging, we analyse the data from the databank and produce reports. These reports can be written by our junior staff in Arabic or English under the close supervision of the mentor. There is good element of analytical though required to do the work of the second stage and you will receive mentoring and training, before you start that stage.

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