This is a website I created to keep all the practical information that may be useful to current and potential graduate students at the iGRA (Interaction of grammatical building blocks) programme in Leipzig, especially those who do not speak German. It is (and will probably forever remain) incomplete and some of the information may be out of date.

I have divided the information into four broad categories:

  • Working in Leipzig, with answers to questions like What documents are necessary to sign the contract? How to fill in the Dienstreiseantrag? How to get an internet connection in the office?
  • Studying in Leipzig: How do I (re-)register for the new semester? How many courses do I need to take? How do I learn to use LaTeX?
  • Living in Leipzig: Where to find a place to live? Where and how to open a bank account? Where to learn German? Where to do sports?
  • IGRAlinos: A list of current and former IGRA students with links to their website and some trivia.