Helene Streffer

I am a third year phd-candidate at the University of Leipzig where I am also a member of the Research Unit Cyclic Optimization.
I work on topics in Morphology and Syntax (and their interface), including DP structure, multiple exponence, discontinuous exponence, agreement and phi-features. My work is based on data from fieldwork on Didinga (Surmic) and Turkana (Eastern Nilotic).

Before I started my studies, I did an apprenticeship as a hotel manageress (Hotelfachfrau). This was certainly not the direct path to linguistics, but it taught me a lot about life and work (and good food).

You can find my CV here.




Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum
Beethovenstrasse 15
04107 Leipzig

Email helene.streffer[at]uni-leipzig.de