MELTEX - Impact of Melt Ponds on Energy and Momentum Fluxes
between Atmosphere and Ocean

gefördert durch AWI

In cooperation with the AWI in May/June 2008 SMART-Albedometer measurements were conducted to investigate the spectral Albedo of sea ice. The measurement flights were performed in northern Canada with the new research aircraft of AWI POLAR 5.
The following goals will be addressed by analyzing the data:

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Birnbaum, G. (ed), Dierking, W. (ed), Hartmann, J. (ed), Lüpkes, C. (ed), Ehrlich, A. (ed), Garbrecht, T. (ed), Sellmann, M. (ed)(2009). The campaign MELTEX with research aircraft "POLAR 5" in the Arctic in 2008 / Ed. by Gerit Birnbaum, Wolfgang Dierking, Jörg Hartmann, Christof Lüpkes, André Ehrlich, Thomas Garbrecht, and Manuel Sellmann, Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung = Reports on polar and marine research, 593, 90 pp. (pdf)

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