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Assistance and support for international students

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Leipzig University has various programmes for the support and assistance of international students.

The Academic Lab project “Academic German” supports international students through workshops, advising and an online-learning platform. The aim is to help students overcome the language challenges they face in their degree programmes, e.g. in comprehending German texts, writing academic texts, giving presentations and understanding the information presented in classes. Additional topics include organisational skills for students, the use of computer software and research methods.

The StudienAPPschluss app helps international students understand and navigate life at Leipzig University. It offers tips and reminders so that you won’t forget anything important, particularly at the start of your study programme. The app was primarily developed for the Computer Science, Romance Studies and Economics and Management Science programmes, but all international students at Leipzig University can use it free of charge.

Special advisers are available for international students at ten Leipzig University faculties. These “StiL Buddies” can offer help with individual questions and problems, such as academic difficulties or even visits to government offices. International students can also register for the BeBuddy! programme, in which they are paired with a German student who offers guidance and support when needed.

Click here for the BeBuddy! programme brochure (see p. 7 for info on contacts in the participating faculties).

If you are having doubts about your academic performance or are not sure whether you have chosen the right degree programme, you can turn to the International Centre for guidance. The student adviser there can help you find solutions and alternatives for the challenges you are facing in your academic and/or personal life. There is also an online tool that can help you reflect on your current situation.

International students at the JMU Würzburg can get support from the following programmes:

The International Office coordinates a project called “Unlock your academic potential!” (“Erfolgreich Studieren!”) that supports international students with all kinds of issues, questions and problems. The project offers events for meeting other students, as well as workshops and seminars on various subjects aimed at helping students adjust to academia and life in Germany. Students can also make appointments for one-on-one counselling in order to discuss personal questions and concerns.

The “Studierwerkstatt” is a tutoring and mentoring programme organised by the Faculty of Arts (Philosophische Fakultät) for all students at the JMU Würzburg. The programme offers workshops and advice on general, university-related topics, such as effective study skills, academic writing and presentations. It is even possible to earn key qualifications, as well as ECTS points as elective credits.

The student advisory service Zentrale Studienberatung (ZSB) at the JMU Würzburg provides guidance on all kinds of study-related subjects. In addition to specialist preparatory courses for new students, the ZSB offers informational events and seminars, as well as advice on various important subjects, like how to find a place to live.