Wind yield

average full load hours per state [h]
average full load hours0 - 500500 - 10001000 - 15001500 - 20002000 - 25002500 - 30003000 - 30871498 h1566 h1807 h2131 h2303 h2568 h2490 h2450 h2929 h3087 h2979 h2665 h

Proximity to electricity consumption

Expected renewables generation (excluding wind energy) and gross electricity consumption per state [TWh]
Electricity consumptionSolar photovoltaicsBioenergyHydro + other renewables
Challenge: distribute wind generation capacity (1 square = 1 GW) among the individual states and achieve 200 TWh in electricity generation
SH-HH0/18MV0/100NI-HB0/56NRW0/10HE0/26RP-SL0/18BY0/105BW0/51TH0/31SN0/34BB-B0/60ST0/771GWpotential generationcapacity per state
0 of 200± TWh

Nature and landscape conflicts

Relative shares of conflict risk classes per volume of potential sites per state
very low conflict risk classes: lowaveragehighvery highhigh andoverlapping

Distributive justice

Minimizing overall impacts fromthe expansion of windenergy Fair distribution of local impactsfrom wind power deployment