Multiplee visits wind farm Mohlis

Last Wednesday, the research group MultiplEE visited a wind turbine at the Mohlis wind farm (a total of four turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW each) near Altenburg in order to gain not only scientific but also many practical insights. Jörg Heilmann, project manager at juwi AG, led the excursion and explained for example the special importance of species and nature conservation requirements in this area. The area was assessed as a bird migration area due tot he sighting of red kites in 2015. For this reason, the installations have to be shut down during the day in a few weeks in autumn. Besides, Mr. Heilmann reported from a project planner’s perspective on the procedure prior tot he construction of a wind farm. For example, the large number of contracts with property owners for the construction of a wind turbine has to be taken into account. In addition, the topic of “acceptance” is especially important. The early involvement of local residents and a dialogue with all parties involved is becoming increasingly important in order to take wishes into account and clarify any questions that may arise.