Institut für Linguistik
Gereon Müller

Lehre: Modul 04-006-1001: Linguistische Grundlagen
Dienstag, 11:15--12:45, HSG HS 20

Modul 046-2016
Types of Movement
Gereon Müller, Andrew Murphy
Tuesdays, 17:15--18:45, GWZ 1516

Webelhuth and Lee & Santorini
Müller & Sternefeld
Deprez (not yet)

Fridays, 14:00--15:15, H1 5.16

01.11.2019: Gereon Müller, Paradigm Gaps Result from Loops
08.11.2019: Philipp Weisser, Floating Conjunctions and the Prosody-Syntax Interface
15.11.2019: Andrew Murphy, Left-Branch Extraction and Remnant Movement
22.11.2019: Maria Kouneli, Some Remarks on Kipsigis Nominalizations
29.11.2019: Robert Fritzsche, Ordering Discontinuous Phi-Feature Agree: Verbal s in North Eastern English
06.12.2019: Mariia Privizentseva, On Nominal Concord in Russian
13.12.2019: Imke Driemel, tba
20.12.2019: Elena Lentza-Siamani, More on Greek Nominalizations
10.01.2020: Idan Landau (Ben Gurion University), A Selectional Criterion for Adjunct Control
17.01.2020: Anke Himmelreich & Bilal Özdemir, Affix Order in Turkish
24.01.2020: Marie-Luise Schwarzer, Determinier Sharing: Revolutions
31.01.2020: Hyunjung Lee, On the Length of Movement and the A/A-bar Distinction
07.02.2020: Bilal Özdemir, Agreement in Adygheovement and the A/A-bar Distinction

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