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CGSW 36: Strength in Germanic Syntax

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Inflectional Morphology in Harmonic Serialism: Preprint

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Graduate programme in linguistics: Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks

Linguistische ArbeitsBerichte 94: Structure Removal

Constraints on Displacement: A Phase-Based Approach 2011. Präfinale Version



Zur Analyse subjektloser Konstruktionen in der Rektions-Bindungs-Theorie (1988)

Structure Removal:
Gradient Symbolic Representations in Syntax (Handout)

Workshop on Shrinking Trees

The Short Life Cycle of External Arguments in German Passive Derivations. (Ms., 2016)

Structure Removal. An Argument for Feature-Driven Merge. (2016. To appear in Glossa)

Structure Removal in Complex Prefields (New version, 2017. To appear in NLLT)

Structure Removal. A New Approach to Conflicting Representations (Lecture notes, 2015)

Restructuring by Removal (Handout, 2016)

What IGRA is about: Interaktion von Bausteinen in nicht-sprachlichen Systemen (2015)

A Monograph Syntactic Buffers

In this monograph, I show how backtracking problems with various kinds of movement that necessarily arise in a phase-based approach to syntax can be solved by adopting the concept of a syntactic buffer. Buffers are identified with the values of movement-related features (like [wh], [rel], [top]), which are conceived of as lists of symbols (rather than atomic symbols, as standardly assumed). Syntactic buffers qualify as the opposite of Gazdar's Slash features: With Slash features, properties of the moved item are registered on the syntactic context; with buffers, properties of the syntactic context are registered on the moved item.
Algorithms, Representations: ATR Ratios

2 in Agreement (LAB 88, 2010)
Varieties of Competition (LAB 87, 2008)
Scales (LAB 86, 2008)
1 2 Many (LAB 85, 2007)
Subanalysis of Argument Encoding in Distributed Morphology (LAB 84, 2006)

Papers (Morphology): Cyclicity and Extended Exponence. With Jelena Grofulovic. 2023.

Pre-Syntactic Impoverishment . 2022.

Reflexes of Exponent Movement in Inflectional Morphology. A Study in Harmonic Serialism . With Daniel Gleim, Mariia Privizentseva & Sören Tebay. 2021. Online first in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

Non-Local Phonology by Morphological Movement. With Daniel Gleim, Mariia Privizentseva & Sören Tebay. 2021. NELS Proceedings.

Impoverishment. With Stefan Keine. 2020

Cumulative Effects in Differential Argument Encoding and Long-Distance Extraction: Local Conjunction vs. Harmonic Grammar. Pre-final version, 2019
Optimality-Theoretic Morphology. 2016
Three-Way Systems Do Not Exist. With Daniela Thomas. 2014
Approaches to Deponency. Language and Linguistics Compass 7(6), 2013.

Neurophysiological Evidence for Morphological Underspecification in German Strong Adjective Inflection. Language 89, 2013. With A. Opitz, S. Regel, A. Friederici

Syncretism without Underspecification in Optimality Theory.
The Role of Leading Forms
A Review of "Deponency and Morphological Mismatches" 2010
Inflectional Morphology in a Minimalist Grammar (Lecture Notes for a Compact Course, April 1-4, 2008, Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity.)
A Review of ``The Syntax-Morphology Interface. A Study of Syncretism'' by Matthew Baerman, Dunstan Brown, and Greville G. Corbett. 2007.
A Radically Non-Morphemic Approach to Bidirectional Syncretism New version, 2011.

Notes on Paradigm Economy Morphology 17, 1-38 (2007).

Extended Exponence by Enrichment: Argument Encoding in German, Archi, and Timucua 2006.
Subanalyse verbaler Flexionsmarker. 2005.
Class Features as Probes. (Revised, 2005.) With Artemis Alexiadou.
A Distributed Morphology Approach to Syncretism in Russian Noun Inflection. 2004. In Olga Arnaudova, Wayles Browne, Maria Luisa Rivero, & Danijela Stojanovic (eds.), Proceedings of FASL 12.
Syncretism and Iconicity in Icelandic Noun Declensions: A Distributed Morphology Approach. 2004. Yearbook of Morphology
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Papers (Syntax): Extraction from NP, Frequency, and Minimalist Gradient Harmonic Grammar. With Johannes Englisch and Andreas Opitz. 2021. To appear in Linguistics.

Constraints on Grammatical Dependencies. 2020.

Long-Distance Passives by Structure Removal. (New Version.) 2019.

Long-Distance Agreement and Locality: A Reprojection Approach. With Kristin Börjesson. 2017
Cumulative Effects in Differential Argument Encoding and Long-Distance Extraction: Local Conjunction vs. Harmonic Grammar. 2017
A Phase-Based Approach to Scandinavian Definiteness Marking. 2009 (STUF 4, 258-268)
Freezing in Complex Prefields. 2016
Predicate Doubling by Phonological Copying. 2016
Three-Way Systems Do Not Exist. With Daniela Thomas. 2014 (A syntax/morphology interface paper.)
Local Dependencies and Word-Order Variation 2003.
Resumption by Buffers: German Relative Clauses 2014.
Remnant Movement in Local Derivational Grammar 2014.
Ergatives Move Too Early With Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Fabian Heck, Philipp Weisser. 2012.
A Local Reformulation of the Williams Cycle 2012.
Optimality-Theoretic Syntax New version, 2012.
Regeln oder Konstruktionen? Von verblosen Direktiven zur sequentiellen Nominalreduplikation 2010.
Operator Islands, Maraudage, and the Intermediate Step Corollary 2010.
Movement from Verb-Second Clauses Revisited 2010.
Differential Argument Encoding by Impoverishment With Stefan Keine. 2008.
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Ergativity, Accusativity, and the Order of Merge and Agree 2008.
Improper Movement and Unambiguous Binding 1993. With & Wolfgang Sternefeld
Towards a Relativized Concept of Cyclic Linearization 2007. (new version)
Some Consequences of an Impoverishment-Based Approach to Morphological Richness and Pro-Drop 2007.
Formale und funktionale Aspekte abstrakter Analyse: Ikonizitaet und Minimalitaet 2006.
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Sketches: Dunkle Materie in der Sprache 2011. (Plan for an SFB; obsolete)
Handouts: Was hat der Minimalismus für die deutsche Syntax gebracht?

On the Order of Syntactic Operations, Lectures 1, 2, 3, 4.

Reconstructing Syntactic Parallel OT Analyses in Harmonic Serialism. 2017.

Does Morphological Underspecification Exist?. 2013.

An Optimality-Theoretic Approach to Deponency. 2010.

Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of Paradigm Economy in Lesser Studied Languages. With Johannes Hein 2009.

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Operator Islands and the Intermediate Step Corollary 2009.

Pseudo-Melting and the Analysis of Movement-Related Morphology 2008.
On the Constructional Residue of Rule-Based Grammars 2007.
Formal and Functional Aspects of Abstract Analysis 2004.
Zur Kodierung grammatischer Funktionen 2003.
Idioms and Transformations 2000.
Recurring Patterns 2002.
Monographs: Inflectional Morphology in Harmonic Serialism: Preprint
Elemente der optimalitätstheoretischen Syntax 2000.
Incomplete Category Fronting 1998.
A-bar Syntax. A Study in Movement Types 1995.
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