Data base "Manuscripta Juridica" : download of index entries, and some statistics [Principal investigator: Gero Dolezalek]

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EXPLANATION. Information in "Manuscripta Juridica" must be retrieved in the data base's search fields. They provide access to alphabetised index entries for authors' names, titles, beginning words, closing words, previous possessors, and scribes. This requires some familiarity with MJ's usage of standardised spellings and modes of forming index entries, however. In order to ease this difficulty, the present website offers the full text of MJ's searchable index entries.
  You may thus download the files and do full-text searches in them, to find suitable index entries for your research. Copy such index entries into MJ's search fields.

To do searches in a file, download it (right-click!) and select an option (e.g. Save file to ...).
To do searches in an HTML-file, open it (click!), select its entire text, copy it into your buffer, and drop it into an empty file for text-editing.

(1) Index entries, envisaged for the next update of 'MJ'
 State of January 2022
      PDF-files :
Genres of juridical literature
Titles of juridical literature
Texts, juridical but not literature
Non-juridical texts, bound with juridical literature
Authors of texts in the data base 'MJ'
Beginning words (Incipit) of texts in the data base 'MJ'
Closing words (Explicit) of texts in the data base 'MJ' - BACKWARDS
Previous possessors of manuscripts
Scribes of manuscripts
      Special lists
Selected index entries: Argumenta, Brocarda, Regulae
Selected index entries: Compends, Dictionaries, and other tools
Anonymous Latin works of relevance
Anonymous works, all
Manuscripts whose descriptions mention decorations, illuminations

(2) Selected statistics of data base 'MJ'
 State of October 2017
      HTML-files :
Quantity of MSS whose region of origin is mentioned
Manuscripts whose region of origin is mentioned
Quantities of manuscripts described per location
Frequency of previous possessors of manuscripts mentioned
Frequency of various literary genres in titles of items
Frequency of titles of items
Frequency how often items are attributed to a certain author
Most frequent Beginning words (Incipit)
Most frequent Closing words (Explicit)

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