Workshop on Theoretical Morphology: Program

Saturday, June 17

9:10 -10:10Andrew Nevins(Harvard)Impoverishment isn't arbitrary: Patterns and prospects
10:10-10:50Pavel Caha (CASTL) On one example of case syncretism and what it might be about
10:50-11:30Gereon Müller(U of Leipzig)t.b.a.
11:30-11:50Coffee Break
The Morphology-Syntax Interface
11:50-12:30Richard Compton (U of Toronto)Affixhood is syntactically determined in Inuktitut
Christine Pittman
12:30-14:00Lunch Break
Theme Vowels
14:00-15:00Isabel Oltra-Massuet (Tarragona) The syntax of stress in Spanish
15:00-16:00Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (U of Manchester) Against nominal class features in Spanish (Handout)
16:00-16:20Coffee Break
The Morphology-Phonology Interface
16:20-17:00Susann Fischer (U of Stuttgart) Surface degrammaticalisation as an effect of grammaticalisation within functional categories
17:00-17:40Lior Laks (Tel-Aviv U)The Morpho-phonology of Thematic Operations: Evidence from Standard Arabic, Palestinian Arabic and Hebrew
17:40-18:20Ben Braithwaite (U of Newcastle)Suffixation in Nuuchahnulth: Morpho-phonological Interactions in a Dynamic Model

Sunday, June 18

9:00-9:40Natascha PominoFree U BerlinHow to explain suppletion in the lexical vocabulary
9:40-10:40Jonathan Bobaljik(U of Connecticut) On Comparative Suppletion
10:40-11:00Coffee Break
Special Session
11:00-12:00Dieter Wunderlich (Berlin) Why is there morphology?
12:00-13:20Lunch Break
13:20-14:20Daniel Harbour(Queen Mary U of London)Person geometries and hierarchies without geometries or hierarchies
14:20-15:00Jochen Trommer(U of Leipzig) Plural Insertion is Constructed Plural
15:00-15:40Maria Kyriakaki (U of Toronto)A Feature-Geometric Approach: On the Greek past tenses