Locality Domains of Tonal Processes

Summer Semester 2024 • Module 04-046-2014 Suprasegmental Phonology • Thursday 13:15-14:45 • NSG, S 125

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Tone is the ideal phonological category to study the effect of locality domains for two reasons. First, tone per se is the least local phonological feature, which means that observed locality effects must be the consequence of specific domains, not of phonetic or functional limitations. Second, in many languages similar tonal processes apply in a variety of domains (especially: word-internal and phrasally) allowing for a comparison between different domains. The focus of this course are locality restrictions imposed by prosodic domains (e.g. feet, prosodic words, prosodic phrases), stratal-cyclic domains (e.g., stems) on processes such as tone spreading, dissimilation and insertion. We will discuss competing theoretical approaches, but also the typological distribution of processes and domains.




Prosodic Words and Stems

Prosodic Phrases



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