Concatenative Approaches to Non-concatenative Morphology

This course is an introduction to morphological operations which go beyond simple affixation and compounding (infixation, reduplication, subtractive morphology, truncation, umlaut, mutation, root-and-pattern morphology) and to theoretical approaches which interpret this type of morphology as a complex interaction of affixation and phonological processes (Autosegmental Phonology, Prosodic Morphology, and offsprings). A central question to be addressed is to what degree morphology and phonology are involved in specific types of operations.

Slides and Readings

(Slides become available incrementally during the course)

Introduction (Non-)concatenative Morphology
Autosegmental Morphology Tone Yip (2006:1-9)
Autosegmental Morphology Roots, and Patterns
McCarthy (1979:116-169)
Marantz (1982) Part1 Part2
Prosodic Morphology A Crash Course in Syllable Structure
Lengthening Morphology as Mora Affixation
A Crash Course in Foot Structure
McCarthy & Prince (2004:1-19)
Optimality Theory A Crash Course in OT
Infixation in OT
Roots and Patterns as Affixation+Phonology
McCarthy & Prince (1993:21-36)


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Yip, M. (2006) Tone. In P. de Lacy (ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of Phonology. Cambridge University Press


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