Iterativity and Directionality of Harmony Processes - Summer Semester 2019

Module 04-046-2013 • Segmental Phonology • Thursday 9:15-10:45 • Seminarraum H 1.15.16 GWZ

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Iterativity and directionality are the two central differential dimensions for specific harmony processes. A harmony process (vowel or consonant harmony or tone spreading) might spread either to targets to the left or to the right or based on dominance relations (directionality) and independently it might affect just a single target or unboundedly many targets (iterativity). In this course we are discussing the crosslinguistic typology of these dimensions (Hyman 2002), different theoretical approaches (e.g. parameter-based as in Archangeli & Pulleyblank 1994, or markedness-based as in Kaplan 2008), computational aspects (Chandlee & Heinz 2018), and the question to which degree they are related to cyclic morphological structure (Bakovič 2000).



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