Phonological Correlates of Affix Order - Winter Semester 2018/2019

BA Modul 04-006-1009 • Theorie und Praxis sprachwissenschaftlicher Forschung • Thursday 09:15-10:45 • H1.5.16

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Different grammatical framework make highly divergent predictions on how phonological processes might interact with affix order. In Classical Lexical Morphology and Phonology (Kiparsky 1982) it is assumed that affixes are grouped into strata which form contiguous affix strings and also exhibit uniform phonological behavior. Non-modular versions of Optimality Theory predict that affix ordering might be at least in part governed by prosodic optimization (Kim 2008). In recent Distributed-Morphology analyses both affix order and phonological cycles are predicted to be governed by the same (post-)syntactic derivations (Newell 2015). Crucially most of these hypotheses have never been systematically tested by crosslinguistic studies. The goal of this course is to take first steps into this direction by evaluating correlates of affix order in a heterogeneous sample of languages with rich affixation morphology.



Jochen Trommer
Institut für Linguistik
Universität Leipzig

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