Replaying Japan 2016

4th International Japan Game Studies Conference

From Pac-Man to the present: Japanese Games between the local and the global

The 4th International Conference on Japan Game Studies was held at Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany, from August 15 to 17 2016.

This conference was organized as a collaboration between the Japanese Studies Department and the Japan Games Research Initiative at Leipzig University, the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies and the University of Alberta. The conference is the fifth collaboratively organized event focusing broadly on Japanese game culture, education and industry. It aims to bring together a large range of researchers and creators from a broad range of different country to present and exchange their work.

Replaying Japan 2016 placed a special focus on the birth and life of Pac-Man, thinking about its interaction with global gaming culture and the role of localization.


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Organizing Committee

Main Organizer:

Institute of East Asian Studies / Japanese Studies, Leipzig University



Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies, Ritsumeikan University

Philosophy and Humanities Computing, University of Alberta


Conference Co-Chairs:

Martin ROTH (Leipzig University)

Martin PICARD (Leipzig University)

Mitsuyuki INABA (Ritsumeikan University)

Geoffrey ROCKWELL (University of Alberta)


Programme Committee:

Koichi HOSOI (Ritsumeikan University)

Akinori NAKAMURA (Ritsumeikan University)

Jérémie PELLETIER-GAGNON (University of Alberta)

Kazufumi FUKUDA (Ritsumeikan University)

Akito INOUE (Ritsumeikan University)

Shuji WATANABE (Ritsumeikan University)


With support from:

DFG, Japan Foundation, Leipzig City,


And not possible without:

Uta Friedrich (coordination),

Francesca Schrader (finances), Svenja Schmitt (design), Florian Werner (media)

Anne-Katrin Frenzel, Paul Kniep, Anton Jankowski, Cleo Pelte, Stephanie Tretow

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